Astrology’s Minority Report: Fact-checking AQUARIUS Clichés

(Or, If THIS is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius”, then Heaven Help Us!)

by Dale O'Brien

I will always appreciate an AMERICAN ASTROLOGY magazine article from the 1970’s. (My study of astrology began in the late 1960s.) It was a research report analyzing the Sun Signs of the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives.  Sun Sign Libra showed up most often for “middle-of-the road” moderates (no surprise). Sun in Pisces were the most Liberal, as well as Sun in Aries. The later then were particularly in favor of individual civil liberties (think ACLU). However, the even then clichéd stereotype of “progressive”/Peace and Love Aquarius did NOT bear out at all. In fact, THE most right wing arch- conservatives were overwhelmingly “Aquarians.”

     It is said that often that the more things change the more things remain the same. To wit, except anti-populist McKinley, nothing-special John Quincy Adams, Lincoln and FDR (more on the later two later), the only truly famous Sun in Aquarius modern American politicians were/are predominantly typical modern Republicans, as were/are their most famous fans and inspirational personalities. The only stellar exception to this pattern now is self-described progressive (and openly lesbian) Wisconsin Democrat, Tammy Baldwin.

In extreme contrast to Ms. Baldwin, we have:

  • Ronald Reagan (“trickle-down” theory of economics; “Star Wars” “defense”)
  • Dick Chaney (“water-boarding” = pouring water onto a prisoner’s face)
  • Dan Quayle
  • Ayn Rand
  • Paul Ryan (determined to destroy Sun Aquarian FDR’s “New Deal”)
  • Sara Palin
  • Jeb Bush (This FIXED Sun Sign “fixed” the Florida vote for his brother, “W”)
  • Alex Jones (see Aquarian Rothschild and Aquarian Illuminati initiator, below)
  • current Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts
  • Arlen (“single-bullet-theory”) Spector ~ [by contrast, see Hale Boggs, below]
  • “cowboy” Roy Moore (of Alabama, best known for mall-stalking of teenage girls)
  • Mike Hubbard (corrupt major Alabama politician)
  • Robert Bentley (disgraced Alabama Governor, 2011-2017)
  • Kevin McCarthy (California) (House of Reps. Majority leader, 2014-present)
  • Andrew Breitbart
  • Glenn Beck
  • Elliott Abrahams (Reagan’s Asst. Sec. of State: part of arms to Contras scandal)
  • James Watt (Secretary of the Interior under Reagan: environmental exploitation)
  • John Warner (former Gov. of Virginia) (not to be confused with Mark Warner)
  • George Shiras, Jr. (Supreme Court judge: “separate but equal”--- but not really)
  • Supreme Court Chief Justice Melville Fuller [“separate but equal” (sic)]
  • Scott McClelland  (W’s White House Press Secretary)
  • James R. Schlesinger (nuclear plants and nuclear weapons advocate; no amnesty)
  • Frank Miller (alt-right creator of Batman as torturer)
  • Sonny Bono
  • Michael Bloomberg
  • Oral Roberts
  • D.W. Griffith (film: Birth of a Nation --- featuring the KKK as “good guys”)
  • Cotton Mather
  • Sara Brady (wife of Jim Brady, who was shot dead when Reagan was shot)
  • A female Fox “News” personality (although many others like her aren’t Sun Aqu)
  • 20+ other American conserv. /Repub. (including one member of Skull & Bones)
  • John D. Rockefeller, Jr. (father of Republican V.P. Nelson Rockefeller) Similarly:
  • Stonewall Jackson; 20 other Confederate generals; a Confederate Governor; the Vice President of the Confederacy; the most “famous” plantation owner of Louisiana          

               Overseas, we find Sun in Aquarius represented by, among others:

  • Matt Riddley (UK): Libertarian; pro-fracking; pro Brexit; pro-global warming_
  • More than 20 British Tory or Conservative politicians
  •  variety of dictators, worldwide
  • Eva Braun
  • Female Nazi head concentration camp prison guard
  • Boris Yeltsin
  • Carlos Slim (one of the richest men in the world)
  • a populist-turned-communist dictator


“Whatever happens will be for the worse, and therefore it is in our interest that as little should happen as possible.” --- Robert Goscoyne-Cecil (born 2/3/1830)


~ Stateside again, dishonorable mention goes to an actually conservative non-Republican:

  • "Cupholder" Democrat Attorney General Eric Holder, Wall Street lawyer, who filed to prosecute ANY Wall Street wrongdoer (“too big to fail”); took no action against police murders of unarmed African Americans; took no action against armed Right Wing takeover of Federal property; rumored presidential run in 2020

~ Dishonorable seemingly “neutral” fomenter of racism: Jerry Springer, Sun in Aquarius

“But What About Lincoln and FDR?”

       Lincoln campaigned not for the elimination of slavery, but rather against slavery’s spread to the western states and territories. The Emancipation Proclamation only freed slaves in Confederate states. He originally wanted to send Black people (who he saw as inferior to whites) back to Africa. It was only as the defeat of the Confederacy became evident that he advocated the elimination of slavery throughout the U.S.

FDR implemented significant, unprecedented changes, but primarily in order to take the winds out of the sails of increasingly popular Socialists who would have taken things much further. Advocating for African Americans was at least partially politically motivated, to coopt that voting block from northern Democrats, including his political adversary, fellow Sun Aquarian Wendell Willkie, the last liberal Republican. (Willkie was a lawyer for a tire corporation --- see below for the Aquarian “fixed air” connection.) FDR considered the greatest contribution of his presidency to have been saving capitalism. This is a particularly profound statement from the president of the U.S. for most of World War II.

Speaking of Capitalism, a significant number of Aquarian Suns are/were powerful CEOs,including, but not limited to, those in the air flight industry. Let’s not forget a CEO of a different sort, or should we call him a government contractor? Mafia boss Carlos Marcello. Similarly some enormously powerful financiers living and dead are/were Aquarians.

“Besides Tammy Baldwin, who are other modern era Democrat Sun Aquarians?”

Bob Lafollette, Hale Boggs (see below), Richard Gephardt, Paul Sarbanes, Donna Shalala, twin sisters, both California Representatives, were/are Democrats along with some other, practically speaking, “no-names.”

Are Aquarian Sun Presidents bullet-magnets?

A disturbing number of American presidents were targeted for assassination. However, Sun Aquarian presidents have actually been shot more than any other Sun Sign: Lincoln (two assassination attempts), McKinley (killed), and Reagan (only wounded). A bullet nearly got FDR, but killed the Chicago mayor next to him instead. Later, Smedley Butler saved FDR from a coup by powerful American business titans. For the record, two Scorpio Sun presidents were shot, Garfield (killed) and Teddy Roosevelt (lived with bullet left in his body). JFK, Sun in Gemini, was the only other U.S. president actually shot.

While we are on the subject of U.S. presidents, assassination attempts and such, and Sun in Aquarius, of infamous note:

  • Sara Jane Moore (born 2/15/30) tried to shoot Ford
  • Robert K. Preston (birth date not available) stole a HELICOPTER when the Sun was in Aquarius, hovered over the White House lawn for six minutes, landed there, and took off. 
  • Five days later, Samuel Byck (born 1/30/30) tried unsuccessfully to hijack an AIRPLANE to crash into the Nixon White House

(SEE BELOW for the original mythological connection of Aquarius to AIR FLIGHT.)


Besides the “out front” politicians, there is another way to CONTROL (“Fix”) society: behind the scenes. Specifically, two powerful (or purportedly powerful) Sun Aquarian individuals are: Adam Weishaupt (founded the secret society “The Illuminati” and one of the Rothschild, powerful international bankers. (Note Alex Jones obsessions.)

Sun Aquarian SOCIAL COMMENTATORS include:

  • Thomas Malthus
  • Eddie Izzard
  • General Albert Stubblevine, (Intelligence officer: doubted the 9/11 official story)
  • Keith Oberman
  • Eckhart Tolle

WHY IS THERE SUCH A DISCREPANCY between Aquarius Clichés and Facts?

 Certainly there have been “progressive” Sun Aquarians, some before the 1960’s  and 1970’s, such as:

  • Thomas Paine,
  • Fredrick Douglas
  • Charles Dickens
  • Sinclair Lewis

Later came entertainment and cultural figures more associated with that “Progressive” era, 1960s and 1970s, like:

  • Tommy Smothers (of the Smothers Brothers)
  • Dick Martin (of Rowan and Martin)
  • Alan Alda and Mike Ferrell (TV: M.A.S.H.)
  • Langston Hughes
  • Bob Marley
  • Richie Havens (sang “Freedom” at the Woodstock Music Festival of 1969)
  • Edwin Starr (“War. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!”)
  • Vanessa Redgrave
  • John Belushi


Keywords, inadequately researched, spread like flu germs in the form of clichés. 

               Most of modern “Western” astrology’s version of Aquarius is a hodge-podge of clichés whose presumed “truths” perpetuate, basically unquestioned, never put into the logic of the stars that the term “astro-logy” implies. Before this modern era, the logic of the stars was (and still is) the mythology of the stars --- the constellations.

Nowadays, when the Sun moves in front of the constellation Aquarius, that time is no longer the same as the mid-winter time corresponding to Sun in Aquarius. At one time, the constellational and seasonal alignments were one and the same.

However, just as a people, such as Italian Americans, bring much of their old country’s cultural practices to their new country of residence, so does the mythology of the constellation of the same name as its “Tropical” Sign still carry its mythic story.

Considerable V.I.P. Aquarian Sun Sign research bears this out for Aquarius.

THE WATERBEARER: from constellation to mid-winter’s Zodiacal Sign

The ancient constellational mythology of Aquarius, the Water bearer, is the mythology of Ganymede the “cup-bearer” of the Gods. Zeus, Chief of the Olympian Gods and Goddesses, was so moved by the beauty of the shepherd prince (or cow-herder), Ganymede that Zeus sent, or became, an eagle that swooped down and carefully picked up the boy or young guy and flew off into the sky and up to the realm of the Gods. Once there, Ganymede was the beloved cupbearer for Zeus and the Gods, although Hera, Zeus’ wife, never liked Ganymede and would not drink from his cup of ambrosia.

Some versions of this story are overtly homoerotic; other versions are G-rated tales of a boy who simply loved to fly. (Such joyous spirit can be heard in the Big Joe Turner song, “The Chicken and the Hawk”: “Up, up, and away, We’re gonna fly all day!” There’s an eagle flying in the song. too…) (Live chicken taken up in the sky is like the fowl Ganymede held.)

Two amazing horses that could run just above water and earth were given to Ganymede’s father by Zeus to compensate for his son, along with the news of his son’s gift of eternal youth. (Although it is bizarre to consider taking a consultation prize in place of one’s beloved offspring, However, this resonates with UK comedy team Harry and Paul who have a skit where a father lets his son go off with a Russian oligarch in exchange for a big check:

“Is good boy, I like him, I buy him….”)

               Ganymede was sometimes artistically rendered holding a chicken or a “cock” (rooster), and often holding a shepherd’s crock as well or instead. He wears a red Phrygian cap. He was taken not only from his father (mother not usually mentioned), but also from his herd of cattle or flock of sheep, and from his two brothers and his one sister.

The heavy rains of mid-winter were said to pour down to earth from Ganymede’s Water Urn. Ganymede had previously skimmed water off the surface of earthly water. (Thus evaporation when the weather was warmer returned as rain later, in mid-winter.)

HOW TO APPLY MYTHOLOGY: Seldom literally!

Certainly not every Sun Aquarian is a male homosexual, or carries around a rooster, or a shepherd’s crook, or wears an unusual (for us) red hat! (Red hats now often read “Make America Great Again.”) Instead, when we attempt to apply Aquarian mythology, we will see dynamics such as:

  • Being Chosen or Being the One Who Chooses, and thus
  • Being or Becoming part of some Elite Group.

For instance, Dick Chaney was supposed to pick the person to be the Republican Vice Presidential candidate. He picked himself --- making him both Aquarian as “chooser” and chosen! Also, note that Chaim Potok (born 2/17/1929) wrote the novel-turned movie The Chosen. Of course non-famous Aquarians can be seen in fraternity and sorority selection and acceptance, country club membership, etc.

  • Water pouring-down as a metaphor: Only an Aquarian like Reagan could spread and get credibility for an economic policy called “trickle down.” (Urinating on the less affluent would be a more accurate image. Most economists mark the end of middle class prosperity as beginning with the economic policies of Reagan’s administration.)
  • Air Travel (see Aeronautical, below)
  • Kidnapping (see NATASCHA KAMPUSCH, Sun Aquarius; also see below other infamous kidnappings when Sun was in Aquarius)
  • Combining flight and kidnapping: “hijacking” or “sky-jacking airplanes (see below); “extraordinary rendition” (Dick Cheney, presumed director of such); Jeffrey Epstein’s “Lolita Express” (He is a Sun Aquarius assuming he was born 3:10 a.m. or later), pairing V.I.P. males and underage females ….  

*   To “carry water for” someone (see definition, below)

    • “Cup Bearer” For example, “Good ol’ boy” saying, “Here, hold my beer,” said before attempting some ludicrously stupid stunt. The beer holder observes the action man.  By the way, at least one stuntman turned actor was a Sun Aquarian.
    • Critic (Vaudeville shepherd’s hook was used to pull failing performers from the stage --- Some in the audience would shout, “Give him the hook!”)
    • “Cowboy” (e.g., Reagan as actor; Roy Moore, rode a horse to his election)
    • Controller of docile “sheeple” who are easily “fleeced” (by corrupt politicians)
    • Disrespected Female, discontent with male-to-male favoritism (see just below)


Aquarius: It’s not just for good ol’ boys anymore.

               Obviously not every Aquarian Sun is male. There are many more astrological-mythological stories of males than females, and the mythology of Aquarius is no exception. Aquarian women, of course, can, did and do, excel in ways mythological fitting their male counterparts, including flight, invention, etc. However, Hera’s reaction to Ganymede’s popularity reminds us of feminist awareness, as seen in the following partial list of female Aquarian Suns:

  • Tammy Baldwin
  • Susan B. Anthony       
  • Betty Friedan
  • Germaine Greer
  • Gertrude Stein
  • Alice Walker
  • Audre Lorde
  • Zara Cully ~ [actress, TV’s “The Jeffersons” – “Movin’ on up….”)
  • Toni Morrison
  • Yoko Ono (“Woman is the n---er of the World”)
  • Simone Weil
  • Kim Gandy (former Prez. Of N.O.W.; feminist lawyer; domestic abuse justice….)
  • At least one other former president of N.O.W.)
  • Susan Brownmiller (wrote: AGAINST OUR WILL: Men, Women and Rape)
  • Kate Chopin (successful 19th century Louisiana novelist --- Louisiana themes)
  • Bessie Coleman (first African American and Cherokee pilot, trained in France)
  • Oprah Winfrey  * Ellen DeGeneres (both have mansions in Montecito)
  • First and only ex-slave female travelling Evangelical preacher
  • female German novelist who sued the Nazi government!
  • first female M.D. in the U.S.
  • first female scientist member of the Royal Society of Scientists
  • female inventor of many things, including rotary engines
  • Belle Starr (famous female outlaw in the old American West)
  • Lydia Maria Child (feminist and abolitionist)
  • Elaine Pagels: her son died at the age of 6: Taken up to heaven by God in the sky?
  • Ruth (self-made owner of the Ruth’s Chris’ Steakhouses)
  • TV news’ Jessica Savage
  • various American politicians, Democrats & Republicans; (Lincoln’s mother, too)
  • Anita Pointer (born 1/23/48) (of The Pointer Sisters) 

GAY PRIDE: A True Aquarius Story, before Parades and Rainbow Flags

      Many years ago, a model-handsome gay blonde Sun Aquarian who “dragged” as blonde Farah Fawcett (also Sun Aquarius) was being harassed by an angry, slovenly wannabe lover. “You suck!” he shouted bitterly. Calmly, Sun Aquarian Clint said, “Yes I do, and I do that very well.” As if to prove his point, Clint took a long, slow drag on his cigarette, held it in (fixed air --- air control), and the released the smoke, dismissing the spiteful one.    

Speaking of Gay Pride, freedom-to-marry gay rights advocate attorney Evan Wolfson was born 2/4/1957.


    Every Zodiacal sign is associated with one of the four elements. Aquarius is an AIR sign, appropriate for the mythology of one who goes up into the sky and lives “up there.” Each sign also has one of three “modes” of being. Aquarius is a FIXED sign, resistant to change and often controlling of others. Each Fixed sign is in the middle of one of the four seasons. Aquarius is the middle of the wintertime.

“Don’t you want shelter from the bad weather?”

(a line from a song by Sun Aquarian Sonny Landreth)

 In the Northern hemisphere, late January and mid-February, at least until our current climate change era, tends to be the time of being indoors,  “Insiders” want to keep the warmer, drier air inside and the colder, wetter air outside. Similarly, when Aquarians are “insiders” in a social system, they tend not to favor an unconditional “open door” policy. It is usually better to be an insider than an outsider. If one is at a particular time an outsider, he or she wants to be an insider. (Think of the siege of a castle.) Sun Aquarian UK-born Graham Nash as outsider sang “Let me in, Mister Immigration Man.” He also sang, “Open up the door” when he sang “Please come to Chicago, we can change the world, rearrange the world…” By contrast, if one is inside, one tends to want to keep the outsiders outside. “Shut the door” and “Close the Borders” are typically conservative “insider” Aquarian statements.

In the 1970’s, a comedy album from The National Lampoon had an audio-simulated 1960s-type political demonstration. A voice from the crowd shouted out, “Power to the Correct People!” If one most reduce Aquarius to a single “sound bite” that is it.

From a more physical perspective, Sun Aquarius Dunlop invented the pneumatic (air inside) tire. Tires work fine if the air stays “fixed” inside. Remember the horses’ hooves that ran above the surface they were running over? Now think of the four tires of a car keeping the heavy vehicle above the surface. Over water, hydroplaning can happen.

Inside that vehicle, say an SUV, popular interior features include cup holder (“cupbearer”), heater/air conditioner (fixed air), and radio (“air waves” --- see below).  

Hovercraft are similarly also Aquarian, from airboats to helicopters to UFO spacecraft.

PUTTING MYTHOLOGY, ELEMENT and MODE together: Aeronautical Flight

 If one is flying in a hot air balloon (SEE THE FIFTH DIMENSION, below),

The air inside the balloon is hot; the outside air is relatively cooler. The person or people in the balloon are the insiders, who can “look down” on the “pedestrians” below. In a jet, or a space capsule, or space suit, the inside “fixed air” is the place to be.


    There are likely far more Sun Aquarius pilots, astronauts, cosmonauts, balloonists, aeronautical engineers, airline CEOs, astronomers, meteorologists, skydivers, etc. than any other sign. (My compiled list  of such is overwhelming.) Even the inventor of “laughing gas” was a Sun Aquarian. The very long list that I assembled includes conservative Republican Charles Lindbergh. Sadly, Lindbergh also experienced the mythological fate of Ganymede’s father. Lindbergh’s 20-month old son was kidnapped and never returned. The boy was taken out an open window in the room above his father. (See more on kidnapping, below.)

On a much lighter note, Sun Aquarian comic actor Lesley Nielsen’s most famous movie role was as the captain of AIRPLANE!  Speaking of fiction, an extraordinary number of Sun Aquarians wrote or starred in stories of flight or of Science Fiction (silly or serious), and Pink Floyd drummer helped to co-create part of an often appropriately “spacey” sound. Before spaceships and jet planes, there were flight-minded Sun Aquarians like Jules Verne (“Around the World in 80 Days”), screenplay by Sun Aquarian S.J. Perlman. 

One Sun Aquarian unable to “fly” himself was “The Birdman of Alcatraz.”

When Louisiana Sun Aquarian Sonny Landreth wrote his excellent song about Hurricane Katrina and the aftermath, “Blue Tarp Blues”, it began, “Air Force One had a heck of a view…”


            Fixed signs are about POWER. Aquarius is about AIR POWER. From heating and air conditioning, control of the thermostat to control of a flying machine, to control of the air force, control of the radio/TV/internet air waves, etc. For instance, Sun Aquarian Reagan fired the federal Air Traffic Controllers who had gone on strike. The Air-Controller-in-Chief exercised his control of the “controllers.” If we look at the “glyph” (symbol) of Aquarius:

We see the technical schematic symbol for electricity. Electricity can be created by hydroelectric means, moving water, what a “water bearer” does. Thomas Edison was a Sun Aquarian.

If we look at the same Aquarius glyph again, we see that it looks like waves. However these waves are not curvy like water waves, but represent AIR WAVES, as in radio or television “air waves.” A current or “live” radio or TV program is said to be “on the air.”

Some Sun Aquarians invented radio technology (such as transistors), other Aquarians invented television technology, such as the teleprompter. Next Aquarians contributed significantly to computer technology, utilizing “air waves” of another sort.

Each such Aquarian technological innovation created a new mode of “on air” “Sun Aquarius stars” including FDR and his “fireside chats” radio programs, radio DJ “Wolf-man Jack”, a long list of TV stars, and YouTube-era Aquarians like “Kid President” Robby Novak (born in Aquarius 2003.    

WHAT HAPPENS IF SUN AQUARIUS Does NOT “carry water for” the V.I.P.(s)?

               Sun Aquarius popular and influential Democratic leader Hale Boggs was part of the JFK’s death investigation Warren Commission, along with Allen Dulles (fired by JFK) and Republican Sun Aquarian, Arlen Spector. Spector advocated the “single bullet theory” (also known as the “magic bullet theory”) that made Oswald the sole assassin. Boggs doubted the theory. To try and make the theory more plausible, future vice president, then president and Nixon-pardoner Republican Gerald Ford was also part of the Warren Commission. Ford altered the evidence to make the single bullet theory technically plausible. New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison argued against the absurd theory.

Hale Boggs was not buying it. No matter, Boggs and Alaskan Democratic representative Begich died in a PLANE crash just before their re-election vote. Despite a 39-day search, their plane was never found. Later equally popular, influential Democrat Paul Wellstone, presidential contender, also died in a plane crash, just 11 days before his re-election vote.. Coincidence? Genuine accident?

Skeptics tend to describe “conspiracy theories” about such matters as “not holding water.” Is there a hidden, mythological clue in the use of that particular phrase? Another “conspiracy theory” put-down expression is that such questioners of an official story wear “tin foil hats” to receive or protect against invisible  “energy” coming from the sky above. Similarly Alaskan Begich was aware of the secretive HAARP installation in Alaska, as is his son. (Another Aquarian story.) Note that for a story to have mythological relevance, it does not need to be known to be true, or known to be a fiction. What matters is its mythic mystique, which gives it archetypal relevance.


Famous kidnappings included V.I.P. Charles Lindbergh’s baby son who was snatched 2/13/1935. V.I.P. Randolph Hearst’s daughter, Patty Hearst, was abducted 2/4/1974.


“…. How sweet it would be if I found I could fly, Oh, I’d soar….”
(Partial lyrics sung by, among others, IRMA THOMAS (born 2/18/1941, Sun Aquarius before 6:45 pm that day, that year)

NATASCHA KAMPUSCH was born 2/17/1988, with Sun, Moon, Ascendant and more in Aquarius. She was kidnapped less than two weeks after her tenth birthday. Transiting Uranus (“Prometheus the Thief”) was in Aquarius conjunct her kidnapper’s Saturn in Aquarius (potentially VERY controlling!) within less than one degree.  Her kidnapper, another FIXED Sun Sign, Taurus, kept her for her first years of captivity in a very small windowless subterranean room. Later, still “an insider”, his whole house became her prison. Finally she became a sometime “outsider”, but only under his constant supervision

Years later, in 2006, Natascha, aided by the Aquarian sound of a “fixed air” auto vacuum, escaped! After her escape, Natascha took to the “air waves” as a communicator and as interviewer of women. She also became an advocate for two special causes. One important concern of hers is helping women to help themselves deal with abuse by men. Her other focus, along with PETA, is ending the imprisonment of animals in zoos.  For years she know what it is like to be looked up in a small unnatural space. Her “insider” Aquarian experience was shown by Aquarian planetary transits to her twelfth house Aquarian planetary placements

(F.Y.I.: For those in the modern astrological majority who insist that “progressive” Uranus rules mostly wonderful Aquarius, note that her kidnapper’s Uranus is opposite to Natascha’s Aquarian Sun in less than two degrees.)

Also, F.Y.I.: Natascha’s years-old news story comes around again as the partial Solar Eclipse of 2/15/2018 is on the same degree as Natascha’s Aquarian Sun.



          Astrology became increasingly popular in the mid-to-late 1960s and early 1970s. Believe it or not, before then most Americans did not know her or his own Sun Sign. HAIR, first an off-Broadway musical, moved on to be a big Broadway hit, then a hit movie. (The movie was directed by Sun Aquarian Milos Foreman). James Rado, Sun in Aquarius, co-wrote HAIR’s song “Aquarius/Let the Sunshine in.”

THE FIFTH DIMENSION recorded the song and it was number one for six weeks in the spring of 1969. In August of 1969, the audience of many thousands sang the song. Two of the five members of The Fifth Dimension, one male, one female, are Aquarian Suns. Resonating with the Aquarian archetype, The Fifth Dimension also sang about going “up, up and away in a beautiful balloon.. Lots of others recorded and performed the song “Aquarius.” Renditions came from tuxedoed lounge singers to the Mormon Osmands to Sun Aquarian Ray Stevens (better known for comic novelty songs)

The songwriters of “Aquarius” learned a lot from the hippies in New York City’s Central Park, presumably the pipedream story of the “dawning” of the Age of Aquarius.

In part, the lyrics foretell the timing of this purported great era:

“When the Moon is in the Seventh House” ~ (this happens everyday for about two hours) And Jupiter aligns with Mars” ~ (a very common occurrence) “Then peace will guide the planets”~ (Hmm, Mars is the God of War….) “And love will steer the stars” ~ (Venus is the Goddess of Love, “exalted” in Pisces; the mythology of Pisces involves Venus and her Son Cupid. According to those anxiously anticipating purportedly all-things-wonderful Age of Aquarius, the Age of Pisces before the Age of Aquarius is purportedly nothing but all things horrible. Hmm.)

But wait! There is even more purportedly wondrous news about Aquarius:

“Harmony and understanding,
Sympathy and trust abounding,
No more falsehoods or derisions,
Golden living dreams of mystic crystal revelations
And the mind’s true liberation….”

Sounds nice, does it not? Perhaps you believe in the New Age “magical thinking” that if we all rationalize our changed concept of Aquarius, then humanity will live happily ever after, just like the pop song says. If so, could you please start working on the cast of Republican Aquarian characters at the beginning of this newsletter? Or perhaps you believe that all we have to do is do or not do whatever, think or not think whatever, and the groovy era is just around the corner. I don’t think life, or the true astrology of life, works that way. Astrology lays out the time frames, the positive and negative potentials, but the rest, the more important rest, is up to us, individually and collectively. .  

So How Did the Aquarius-as-humanitarian concept come about?

               There seem to be two different reasons, as there seem to be two different types of Aquarian Sun modes: insider or outsider. During times when much of the public is more tolerant, than also are the “insider” politicians.  When the public seems tolerant, the “insider” politicians tell the people what they want to hear.  Sun Aquarian politicians from such eras look like “the good guys.” The pre-World Wars Victorian era astrologers that influenced Jung and others, looking at contemporary Sun Aquarians, could see goodness in certain Aquarians, inspiring Utopian associations with this sign.

Unfortunately, modern Jungians tend to be fanatically anti-intellectually certain that Jung’s hopes for the Aquarian age MUST be accurate. Such presuppositions likely influenced the Central Park hippies who, in turn, influenced James Rado, who influenced THE FIFTH DIMENSION who influenced almost everybody’s “Majority Report” on Aquarius and the Aquarian Age. (By the way, the “Wikipedia” earliest estimate of the arrival of the Age of Aquarius Wiktionary “ is 2062. Do you think humanity will make it until then? The way things are going, humans may need to live inside some dome, safe from the toxic pollution outside of that spaceship – like environment.)

Meanwhile, now in 2018, we have “Ganymede” Paul Ryan. (Remember the picture of him pumping iron, his baseball hat on backwards? “Zeus” billionaire Koch gave this water boy $ 500K for “carrying their water”. “Ganymede” Ryan has no problem putting more and more Americans “out into the cold.” Insider Aquarians like him do not care about freezing outsiders. While more and more homeless American bodies freeze to death, responsibility lies in the icy cold hearts of mid-winter Sun Aquarians like Paul Ryan, smirking, one hand on his Aquarian Ayn Rand “atheist’s bible” and the other on his latest handful of cold, hard cash (or gold, or bitcoin).



Fortunately for humanity and our planet, some Sun Aquarians live a life of full integrity, even if she or he is “outside” of the prevailing consensus, even if never allowed “inside.” WE MOSTLY DO NOT KNOW ABOUT THE MANY MANY GOOD-SOULED SUN AQUARIANS who live right, do the right things, and in her or his own way SERVE CREATION and HUNMANITY, rather than some selfish V.I.P. (oneself or otherwise).

For instance, do you know the name Barbara Bonner? You should!

SUN AQUARIAN BARBARA BONNER is” a trusted advisor to nonprofit executives, board and fundraising leadership in times of growth and change.”  

Barbara Bonner has written (so far) two VERY important, timely books:



               Positive Sun Aquarians like Barbara Bonner do not FIX-ate on negative control and exploitation of others and the environment, but instead INSPIRE US. To  “inspire” is to breathe in. Breathe in and FIX (hold) the active (not passive) positive concepts that make our lives, ALL of our lives, better, not just a selfish privileged few.

Blessings on Tammy Baldwin, on Barbara Bonner, and on all of the other good-souled Aquarians, and indeed on all of us,

Dale (O’Brien)

SOON: AQAURIUS ISSUE Astrology Minority reports YouTube Audio reports:

*** The astrology of kidnapping of modern humanity, how we were stolen from

Nature and trapped indoors (and inside our tech devices)

*** The Aquarian Bottled Water Scandal and Crisis

***  Aquarian Geo-engineering: Air Control, or  Hastening Life Destruction

In Loving Memory of the Sun Aquarian, the recently departed Jeremy Taylor


               Jeremy Taylor was a Unitarian-Universalist minister who led and inspired dream-sharing workshops. Jeremy heard and shared well over a hundred - thousand dreams. He lead and/or inspired dream-sharing groups across North America, from women’s groups to male prisoners to clergy to the general public. He wrote wonderful books including WHERE PEOPLE FLY And WATER FLOWS UPHILL.

               Shortly after Saturn entered Capricorn around Winter Solstice, Jeremy’s beloved wife of many years died. Jeremy’s death followed hers, just days later.

               He was one of the best men I’ve ever known, and certainly one of the best Sun Aquarian men I’ve ever known or known of.

               Blessings, Jeremy, to you and your Beloved in the Eternal DreamTime,


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